Save my soul

Silent smokeless fire has engulfed me I may reduce to ashes Firefighters remain distant and unalerted Save my soul Advertisements

बेतलबि – २

सपनीमा गेरु वस्त्र धारन गरेकी तिमीले के सांचै नै संसारिक जीवन देखि येति विरक्तिएकी थियौ बिचलित यो मनलाई कसरि सम्झाउँ?…

Translating for Seti Maya

Talk about self-professed ambassadors of empowerment, city born, beauty queens, for whom undersized clothes and tall heels are granted token of empowerment. I doubt if they have met any of these kinds of women. They are the real, the bonafide ambassadors of empowerment. I am very glad to have met Seti Maya.